Star Wars: Is Iden Versio Captain Phasma?

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Look I’ll level with you: I didn’t get my previous articles finished and will be done at a later date because I spent playing Star Wars: Battlefront the 2015 version (also I had a lot of other work to finish up or planned also) but I’m back on track. Second of all the Star Wars phase has begun to arose again with the upcoming releases of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the hotly on topic of Star Wars: Battlefront II for later this year. I’ll keep this short but playing this game felt, well feels like playing the 2004 version of Battlefront now I’ll save this for the thought later but I want to talk about the main character for the upcoming single-player campaign of Battlefront II.

Iden Versio.png

                                          (ABOVE: Iden Versio)

Now a female character lead in Star Wars is no secret a good move to bring female audiences into the franchise like Rey in the main Star Wars films or in Rogue One with Jyn Erza now with Iden Versio, in the trailer released sometime ago she is a special forces member of the Empire and took part of the Battle of Endor (and witnessed the destruction of the Death Star) and now the main game storyline is taking vengeance on the Rebels, and then something took notice that some of the major planets from “The Force Awakens” will be playable maps in game so my assumption is towards another character: Is Iden Versio the person behind another character who had 20% dialogue: Captain Phasma.

Captain Phasma.jpg

(ABOVE: Captain Phasma)

Now this character showed up briefly on “The Force Awakens” and is planned to have a bigger part in “The Last Jedi” (I’ll believe it when I see it) and at first really didn’t much have of an impact even though she is performed by Gwendolyn Christie from Game of Thrones and felt lackluster, but let’s hope the next film in December that happens what is said to happen could possibly dip into the “Empire Strikes Back” territory of dark and the title alone feels ominous.

Now why I think this theory could be a possibility, because both characters arrive sooner after the fall of the Empire and rise of the New Order, both are Imperial commanders, both are female, but the one thing is one girl has an American accent and another is British so that could be a flaw in my theory but these films are in secrecy mode so who knows, but it will be fun to speculate like Gravity Falls. And for Battlefront II we all hope for an improvement towards the game from battlefront I like the 2005 edition of Battlefront II how it was memorable with many Jedi’s, space battles, different characters, a story-line and inter galaxy war like Rebels vs Droids or clones vs Stormtroopers, and so many land vehicles and control points. So let’s all hope that my theory can become valid and Battlefront II becomes fun while the movie in December becomes epic and not depressing.

Also RIP Carrie Fisher, you were gone way too soon.


Lost Media Files: Pokémon Live

Pokemon Live.jpg

Welcome to the first ever Lost Media Files of 2019 and fully back from a holiday hiatus, the Files is about pieces of media that has been lost over the years like films, games, music, literature and whatever and to kick it off for the new year is again talking about Pokemon. The last time we spoke about Pokemon was the banned episode back in December of 2017 about Electric Soldier Porygon and how it caused over 600 seizures and of course “An Animated Tragedy” column about the unfortunate Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 that shelved a highly anticipated episode of Black and White involving Team Rocket and Plasma from March of 2018, now this time this one will be about a certain play that traveled across the U.S. then the world that would kick off a few Broadway careers: that is Pokemon Live.

Pokemania was running wild in the beginning of the 2000’s becoming a global juggernaut with of course the tv show still airing proudly, movies which will never stop and many types of merchandise you name it but of course to follow was a Broadway adaptation to follow, now you may be wondering “how did that happen”? That is why I am here, the show was a joint production from Radio City Music Hall, 4Kids of course they would fall flat in years later and Nintendo and began touring across the United States from September of 2000 and January of 2001.

The plot of the stage would be this: Giovanni the evil leader of Team Rocket and the only Italian who is the villain of the Pokemon universe as Suede puts it, anyway he spreads the world for anyone to challenge him in a contest battle for something called the Diamond badge. So, this play just predated all the future contests in the anime and games. Go figure. Ash declines the offer upon hearing this at first but then he relents and heads off after declining his mother’s invite to Professor Oak’s lab for a lecture on sleep disorders on Snorlax, rude. Of course, Misty and Brock lags to join to head off to find the gym leader but along the way Team Rocket of course Jessie, James and Meowth the original 3MB heads to HQ for Giovanni’s latest creation: MechaMew2. Godzilla is shaking his head on you, Giovanni informs the three to catch Ash’s Pikachu because he now wants it after not really caring about it but with 20 years down the line of this never-ending chase, I guess times change.

Team Rocket meanwhile prepares their pitfall traps for Ash and co to fall in while Team Rocket grunts convince Ash’s mother and Oak to join them to their HQ, as of by convince they take them via Helicopter. While Ash and co are lost and approach a trainer and agrees to help them but the trainer releases Jigglypuff and puts everyone to sleep. Of course, does that mean all these years the Jiggypuff who tends to put people to sleep and marker their face up had an owner? Of course, Team Rocket falls asleep too nearby and laments but after a song sequence (because musical) Ash and co checks it out and Team Rocket cuts bait to catch Pikachu and disappear. Later Ash and co eventually makes it to their secret base as Delia and Oak are in separate cages and demands to be let out but out comes Giovanni to inform, she remembers her as an old boyfriend as a teenager. I see what you did there 4Kids, then again thank goodness its non-canon otherwise there’d be a lot of Poke theorists flipping their lid, sort of like Kenny Omega likely heading to WWE after Wrestle Kingdom 13.

Ash, Brock and Misty look around in the forest to find Pikachu as our Team Rocket arrives with Pikachu and demands it to battle MechaMew2 but it shocks them and hi-tails it and Delia and Oak escape while Giovanni doesn’t seem to mind them escaping. If you capture them and don’t bother sick the guards on them, what was the point of keeping them prisoner? Ash find Pikachu and Delia and Oak reunites with them but out comes MechaMew2 in a battle and it appears that MechaMew2 Mewtwo appears of out no where like when Austin appeared during the Rock/Mankind match but without using a steel chair it stops it in its plan and informs that it must do the right thing and self-destruct. After that everyone is invited into a birthday party for Misty and Ash hands her the diamond badge, which will go nicely with the Mew card and the Blue-Eyes Shining Ultimate Dragon card and ends off in a musical dance party. Please don’t tell R-Truth and Carmella about a dance party.

The Pokemon Live play was a success, but it was not well received by critics of course they compared it to successful plays like Annie and the Lion King which to be honest is a bit unfair from what I read about the plot details it sounds like something fun for just the fans which is obvious but also to ones who could enjoy the show. A couple of notable actors would break out and of course do others like Darren Dunstan (Canadian!), and a well-known theatre actor by the name of Andrew Rannells, I wonder what happened to him after this maybe part of a little-known play “The Book of Mormon” from Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Coincidence? Nah. Recordings of this show is very hard to find these days making them rare, until of April of 2016 interest began again when YouTuber Chadtronic and survivor of the PBG Minecraft series, released a YouTube called “The Mystery of Pokemon Live” who had footage sent by Chris Mitchell a stage manager revealed footage of a Chicago show in seven parts. He also revealed that a high-multicamera film version was shot but never revealed and is lost. Chad ended his video with the hashtage #FindPokemonLive but nothing has come forth as of this writing, however recordings of shows appeared elsewhere from Mexico, Portugal and Dubai sourcing back from 2001 was uploaded but some of his videos were deleted and is likely lost. But no matter how you shake it, could Pokemon Live be found in full one day? If Clockman can be found, then maybe down the line Pokemon Live will be shown in its entirely.

That is this month’s entry of the Lost Media Files, next month’s edition is another review-based article like I had with Dingo Pictures but this one is going to a challenging one, it’ll be about 11 notorious animated shorts that was aired in its day but never seen again and it serves as a reminder of how far animation has risen to be a genre to made something good but also how far the world has changed. Coming soon: The Censored eleven. I’m on YouTube so don’t forget to subscribe to my personal YouTube Channel and follow me on Twitter.




8 WORST Wrestling moments in 2018

WORST wrestling moments of 2018.jpg

Welcome to the last WordPress article of the year in the year-end retrospective as we low and behold conclude with this, the worst wrestling moments of 2018 and boy I could start off with almost anything of the year that was terribly received in wrestling and enough to choose from I could start with Monday Night RAW being so boring and unfulfilling to watch, the unlucky 2018 Roman Reigns had, the Universal Title held hostage to the point that it needs to stop being a world title or I could talk about how Crown Jewel became the worst PPV of the year. But then again its under no particular order so here goes, the worst of the worst of wrestling from the year that was 2018 oh and a lot of it is going to be on WWE.

8. Daniel Bryan/Big Cass feud

Daniel Bryan and Big Cass.jpg

Starting off this entry is a feud that could’ve been good if the circumstances could’ve allowed it and that is the early feud between Daniel Bryan and Big Cass.
Remember when I said in last week’s article on Daniel Bryan having a slow feud before reaching The Miz? Yeah this was that feud and to be fair it could’ve been good. Big Cass returned from injury that put him on the shelf from the summer of 2017 and vowed to make SmackDown Live his own brand, then came the build to their first match at Backlash where before the PPV, he recently beat up on a small man resembling Daniel Bryan because the David and Goliath thing is not the most played out story ever, then came their first match and Daniel Bryan came out on top but eating a big boot post-match.

At the Greatest Royal Rumble Big Cass would eliminate Daniel Bryan but at the same time losing the match when Braun Strowman tossed him out last, then towards Money in the Bank it would reach a peak where everyone was predicting Cass would win but no Daniel Bryan won again, then sometime later he would get an immediate release. Why? Apparently from what was said back then was behavior issues and drunk in public, topping that was disobeying the boss who didn’t like Cass beating up a miniature Daniel Bryan then again this is the same guy who told Trish Stratus to be stripped of her clothes and bark like a dog, yeah sure whatever. Also, later in the year he suffered a seizure during a House of Hardcore event which was not shown but he had to be helped to hospital. 2018 was not in the cards for Big Ass.

7. The Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal

Faboulous Moolah Battle Royal.jpg

WrestleMania 34 was to be a highlight year for the women of WWE, starting with the first ever Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal because WrestleMania alone is always the “cram everyone into the PPV” event so this was to be expected. Who knew what was to come was going to put a wedge into the whole plan. Almost immediately after that was announced it drew ire from a lot of wrestling fans because of Moolah’s past of monopolizing women’s wrestling and sexually exploiting women under her mentor role like pimping out younger women for sex from men.

Now weather or not that is true is hard to say some say she did do the deed of exploiting women under her rule while some defended Moolah that never happened and was under the times of survival but a lot of pressure was aimed at Snickers one of there sponsors caved and called out WWE to do something about it as they eventually did renaming it to the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal due to the controversy, I was originally going to slap down on this list was the Women’s Revolution not being genuine but rushed to exploit it because Stephanie McMahon’s ego as all things but this was enough to beat it but both of these things are just as bad.

6. Shinsuke Nakamura/AJ Styles feud

AJ Styles vs Nakamura.jpg

Talk about disappointing. Who knew a feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles was the most lackluster thing to happen. Both men were in a collision course to face off at WrestleMania after Nakamura won the Royal Rumble and challenged AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, then came the event and AJ Styles won sort of shocking everyone who expected to see Nakamura finally win the big Championship. Then a swerve happened, Nakamura low-balled AJ Styles turning heel, which again shocked everyone but then intrigued happened to se a heel Nakamura and a face AJ Styles.
At Greatest Royal Rumble both men would have a rematch that ended up being counted out, then on another rematch at Backlash both men were DQ’ed after low-blowing each other, then came Money in the Bank under Last Man Standing rules that everyone for sure thought Nakamura was to win but AJ prevailed almost puzzling everyone but at that point everyone was getting really tired of the feud at that point which was disappointing.

5. Enzo Amore and James Ellsworth

Enzo Amore.jpgJames Ellsworth.jpg

I have a lot to say about both guys on the matter.

Enzo Amore was surprisingly released in WWE on January 22nd before his scheduled title defense of the Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble. Now people were surprised why this happened, until details were released that Enzo Amore under investigation by Arizona state police of sexual harassment in October a few months prior, so that was enough to fire him a day later and vacate the title that almost turned a positive for the change of 205 live from being a lowcow into something like on the level of NXT. But then again there were other growing rumors of Enzo being a pretensive pain in the butt and a nuisance behind the scenes, and everyone was dead set to shame him until the woman accusing Enzo of harassment later turned out to be on drugs herself but at that point the damage was done as Enzo retired from wrestling and went on to being a rapper, Vanilla Ice would be proud of him. Oh, and crashing Survivor Series by being an ass of himself, stay classy Enzo…

James Ellsworth on the other hand is just as bad. James Ellsworth for those who aren’t familiar appeared in WWE early on as a squash guy for Braun Strowman then he regularly showed up as a mystery partner to face AJ Styles and John Cena for Dean Ambrose. Then later would be the guy hanging out with Carmella and the sole reason for her to become the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Briefcase winner even though it drew a lot of heat I didn’t mind that. He would later show up again to mess around with Asuka, then go away again and then randomly show up to a chorus of boos at IMPACT’s Bound for Glory but beaten quick by Eli Drake. Then came the news that came out that James Ellsworth assumingly was sexting to a 16-year old girl and she has a lot of evidence to back her up that which James later denied but is going to fight. Sexting to a 16-year old child is a major no-no and should be a no brainer to even do but now James got in trouble and paying the consequences. As of right now there hasn’t been any updates to this serious acquisition ever since so we’ll just have to see, but these two men sure had the unfortunate luck of 2018 to do what they did.

4. the Universal Hostage

Universal Title Pro Wrestling's Canker Sore Belt.jpg

Does anyone remember the Universal Championship, at all? This has been a growing complaint as of this year even though it was good for putting the Intercontinental Championship on the spotlight instead but overall it’s the major title in WWE and it was rarely if any case defended on RAW and the person to point that finger is Brock Lesnar even though saying that is going either end up meeting this man and getting to an unfortunate accident or unfair but him not showing up to defending the Universal Championship.

Now is it truly on Brock? It could be but also it could be on WWE themselves for giving him a contract that doesn’t have him show up on days to even defend the Universal Championship, it’s a shame WWE doesn’t remember their 30-day rule because why use that logic to strip him of the Title itself. And if I hear any defenders of Brock for not defending his title on days, give me your best shot to explain why I would be curious. This is a legit question. At this point Kevin Owens as, Universal Champion was the best thing to happen for that title. Either in 2019 free this title on putting it on someone else or just put it out of its misery to defunct it. Either way Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion and no able to defend it is a travesty.

3. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns.jpg

Roman Reigns has had an unlucky year, hasn’t he? Of course, the obvious was the fans continue to boo him even with being protected with his Shield buddies even though everyone saw it coming and predictably so, they can’t hide behind the “people boo who they cheer and cheer who they boo” comment because people are more wiser to know WWE’s continuing to talk down to their audience but we are such fickle people aren’t we Xavier, or to what Goldust says “stop complaining” about the product. But we do have the minds of goldfish don’t we Road Dog? But another reason was his worst was feuding with Brock Lesnar the one man he was never able to defeat at all before, so when it came down to WrestleMania 34 in the main event everyone was expecting for Roman to win the title, but he was beaten cleanly by Brock Lesnar. WrestleMania 34 alone was a very polarizing show.

Then came his rematch at Greatest Royal Rumble in a Cage Match to where Brock won after Roman spearing him through the cage wall, of course the self-awareness bug bit him to openly call out WWE and Brock’s sudden absence to the point that a rematch was to happen between them at SummerSlam and to where he finally, conquered the beast. However, in October of this year Roman Reigns announced that he had leukemia and it returned leaving everyone shocked. We can all agree that this man as much as he was hated by the audience because of WWE’s booking of him being “the next face of the company” but he as human as much as we are and never given a lot of credit of his work rate. So now he was forced to vacate the Universal Championship and head into rehab. All I can say is I wish for Roman for a speedy recovery in 2019, if Brian Boyle of the New Jersey Devils can recover from Leukemia then he has a good shot to return to action.

2. Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel WWE.jpg

WWE Evolution was WWE’s best PPV all-year, Crown Jewel was the worst all-year.
I already said my piece on WWE and the business with Saudi Arabia being the worst PR blunder in history but not them caving to pressure to cancel continued. First after this WWE removed mentioning anything to do with Suadi Arabia although Undertaker even mentioning Crown Jewel got resounding boos during SmackDown 1000. Then came the event where they did mention Riyadh but not Saudi Arabia the capital because people who don’t have a degree of geometry or ever looked on a map or atlas were too stupid, sure Michael Cole.

Then the event kicked off with Hulk Hogan returning after a three-year exile after that sex tape being leaked from Gawker that revealed him dropping the N-word several times, I was a Hogan fan I’m not going to lie and looked up to as an idol as much as Bret Hart but it is disappointing that even idols having shady pasts often shakes distrust in people and me, so I was split it was nice seeing him back but the thought of that sex tape will follow Hogan to the end and for his legacy. The WWE World Cup of course being one giant lie that only featured Americans because WWE is number 1 to make it obvious that went down with Shane McMahon defeating Dolph Ziggler in the finals because Ziggler is the biggest loser in existence, Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Championship putting everyone back to square one with no major Championship and the main event was D-Generation X members Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. the Brothers of Destruction in one final not-so final showdown that was an awkward thing to even watch old men wrestling again even thought I don’t have a problem for Triple H wrestling again. Is 10 years of this going to be worth it to please the Saudi family and continue to put you in the negative light?

1. Monday Night RAW


And now its finally time to even mention the state of Monday Night RAW.

Do I even mention what is wrong with this show? Well the one good thing they have done is have it done before 10 local with no overtime so there’s that but let’s begin with RAW 25th anniversary, now a lot of people were expecting to see matches within both on RAW and the Manhattan Centre now granted they did see a few matches but some were not televised at all leaving people a bit miffed.

Next is the terrible storylines like Sami Zayn presenting Bobbi Lashley’s sisters on RAW or Alexa Bliss’ facts of life because I often wonder why WWE hate Sasha Banks or Bayley does, not to mention putting those girls in meaningless tag matches with no direction against the Riot Squad of all things, using Jim Neidhart’s death as an excuse for cheap heat towards Ruby Riot and Natalya to feud, Brock Lesnar openly saying he doesn’t watch RAW to drive in the sentiment of the Universal Championship being a troublesome title to have, as of this month RAW received their lowest ratings in a longtime not even bat-signaling Vince McMahon of all things seemed to have helped, Baron Corbin being the low-point of the show and admitting he sucks even though the guy had something cool a twilight century ago squashing jobbers in NXT with the fans counting the seconds. Honestly with enough said, RAW has how many writers and FOX giving them a billion dollars for SmackDown. Must be nice to get that much money and do very little at the same time. What else I can say that RAW sucks, once Vince McMahon goes away to focus on the XFL revival maybe change will happen but its going to feel like a long time before then.

And that is the year end retrospective of 2018 of films, news and pro wrestling of the year. Let’s hope that 2019 will be the better for all or we come back a year later and say that 2019 was the worst year ever, but as always, I’ll see you in the new year.

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10 best Wrestling moments in 2018

Top 10 Wrestling moments of 2018.jpg

2018 in the sporting world was a very interesting year to say the least, the Washington Capitals finally won the big one the Stanley Cup, Vegas becomes the best successful expansion team ever, the Winnipeg Jets finally cleansed the Atlanta Thrashers stink, France wins the World Cup as Belgium and Croatia shock the world and low and behold the Eagles does something that the others haven’t done: beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl shame the Red Sox are the World Series champs. In the World of Professional Wrestling it has been a very mixed bag of sorts, while there were disappointments as that will be explained next week there were surprises no one saw coming. So let’s countdown the 10 best wrestling moments of 2018 in no particular order.

10. Asuka


Starting off this list is I was originally planned to put on an “Honourable mentions” list to which there is none but eventually I put her on here for a good reason.
Asuka appeared on the main roster in October in 2017 and then went on to have an undefeated streak, then she won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble in January and then came WrestleMania 34 where she ate her first loss against Charlotte for the SmackDown Women’s Championship then came Carmella as Women’s Champion… I think we can all agree that it’s the worst, she is still not that good in-ring but it was inevitable with her Money in the Bank Briefcase, as Asuka lost due to a certain person who is going to get his own entry but for an entirely different reason next week as a distraction, then Asuka lost to Carmella again at Extreme Rules with that person in a shark cage which by the way WWE already overused that shark cage concept.
Asuka just lulled around teaming with Noami until as of this writing being involved in a title match involving Charlotte and Becky Lynch and winning the championship finally, after a distraction from the next incoming entries for later but finally after being in the doghouse she is finally the Women’s Championship. How long will this last, will it be long? We’ll just have to wait and see, at least it was well deserving.

9. Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda Rousey RAW.jpg

Speaking of Asuka winning the Royal Rumble former UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey made her debut in WWE after the Women’s Royal Rumble match and months of speculation and made her presence, now people were curious and wondering how Rhonda will perform under the WWE ladder. Those answers were questioned at WrestleMania 34 during a match involving her and Kurt Angle vs. Triple and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag match, the buildup was whatever even though she appeared a few years before at WrestleMania 31 but overall during the match Rhonda Rousey exceeded everyone’s expectations and did well.
Down the line she would eventually get a title match involving her and Nia Jax that would get interrupted by a Alexa Bliss run-in for a successful cash-in for her recently won Money in the Bank Briefcase, but then came her chance at SummerSlam when she dominated Alexa Bliss to become the RAW Women’s Champion and still holding the title. She is drawing that’s for sure and continues to exceed expectations, however if there is one little thing, I could say wrong about her there is no one believable who can defeat Rhonda Rousey. Charlotte even though another likely contender has grown, and I’ll talk about it later but it is nice to se someone aside Brock Lesnar who can defend an actual title.

8. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins.jpg

Seth Rollins in the year that was 2018 had a very good year, at WrestleMania 34 he became the IC Champion and been able to defend it here and there on RAW against each competitor though he did hit the brakes a bit against the likes of Dolph Ziggler, or Baron Corbin but the much of 2018 was his show when one of his mates went down. Trust me I’ll get to him next week, but if WWE had one of those workhorses of 2018 in the main roster that honor would go to Seth Rollins for sure. We’ll see once 2019 begins where does it go from after the IC title, the Universal Championship or into SmackDown for the WWE Championship?

7. 205 Live

205 Live.jpg

205 Live finally left the doldrums and put on and dare I say excellent matches for once in the year after escaping a certain someone that will really be discussed for next week but for now the Cruiserweight Division were finally given the green light to shine when the tournament was announced for the vacant Cruiserweight title and had competitors from the likes of NXT talents like Tyler Bate, Roderick Strong, Mark Andrews and to talents like Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander getting far into the finals where Cedric Alexander defeated Ali for the title at Mania 34 and then went on to hold the title and have excellent matches until dropping the title to current champion Buddy Murphy who also is doing very well improving. And as for Mustafa Ali? Don’t worry for him, he is going to do very well… on SmackDown Live. If they don’t the ball on him.

6. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan.jpg

Daniel Bryan had an interesting 2018 after he was finally announced for in-ring competition and every fan could not be much happy to see him though the worry of one wrong move from him could axe him off like a bought-out NHL player under his contract to be terminated. He reappeared in a match with Shane McMahon defeating Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, then cooled off but won his feuds against Big Cass or Big Ass would remember him, after that he would focus attention into a feud with The Miz that had Bryan take the fall in that and again at No Mercy but Super-Show Down in Australia proved otherwise as Daniel quickly defeated The Miz to become the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship then something interesting happened, before Survivor Series this year Daniel Bryan competed for the WWE Championship against AJ Styles and won the title and again in a rematch at TLC. So where does a heel Daniel Bryan go in 2019? Hopefully a payoff towards some certain demon…

5. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch the man.png

A controversial option for number five however, not a bad place for a certain SmackDown lass kicker.

Becky Lynch was well once upon a time losing and losing matches, then for some reason she started to pick up some wins here and there which was odd but then the crowd began to root for Becky after SummerSlam where Charlotte pinned her for the Championship that also involved Carmella so then went Hell in a Cell between Becky and Charlotte for the title then came a surprise roll-up and winning the title as the crowd erupted to joy and Charlotte was left holding the bag to get boos, Becky’s star continued to rise when she was scheduled to face Rhonda Rousey at Survivor Series however a punch to the face from Nia Jax put her on the shelf but the girl’s star continues to rise. Now she has lost the title to the aforementioned Asuka at TLC thanks to Rhonda Rousey. Could we see Becky vs. Rousey at WrestleMania? We will have to see.

4. IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling.png

No, you are not dreaming IMPACT Wrestling finally became good and in 2018.
For almost a decade IMPACT Wresting became a lolcow show of epic proportions, this company was plagued by management having massive egos behind the scenes, money problems, distrust between talent with said management and uncertainty for the future. Oh yeah war of words between IMPACT personnel and guys like Dave Meltzer or Jason Powell the “evil dirt-sheet” writers. IMPACT Wrestling in 2018 had a restructure from the change of the person in charge like with Dixie Carter to Don Callis and Scott D’Amore as Executive Vice Precedents even though I’m not wild for either men. Did they have any snags in this new year, they did of course the incident with Sami Callihan slamming a baseball bat into Eddie Edwards head then turning into a positive, Austin Aries continuously being the pro-wrestling drama queen as he is, Jeff Jarrett suing IMPACT for GFW rights and as of this writing being put on a channel that no one barely has on American cable providers but other than that it has been a good year for the company.

In addition to IMPACT doing well they brought in some interesting talents in that are smart moves like Su Yung, Kiera Hogan, and bringing in some Lucha Underground talent like Pentagon Jr, Fenix, Brian Cage, not to mention some good matches involving Ohio vs. Everything, the Latin American Xchange, the OG LAX, Brian Cage, Johnny IMPACT and some of their women, also for once good PPV’s like Redemption, Slammiversary some to the point praising that it’s the best of 2018 in general which is somewhat clickbait-ish, me I’d say they are good but a lot others have came through to being the best in this year but so far good for IMPACT. What will 2019 will bring, let’s hope for the good and the better I am going to watch more of IMPACT starting in the new year as I vowed last year on Twitter and hopefully better things and on a channel called Pursuit. This screams Destination America all over again…

3. All In

All In Wrestling.jpg

Now I get to finally talk about the All In PPV. Now enough has been said about the show the better, being made fun for an excuse to build Cody Rhodes up or a scheme to rip off people’s money but let’s be brief on the PPV and my thoughts about it.
All In was an event that involved the biggest current Indy talent it delivered like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, everyone from the Indy scene and it all started to when Cody Rhodes took on a challenger from Dave Meltzer to host a show that could draw over 10,000 people and dubbed it “All In” for September the build was to be their WrestleMania for the indies though it’s a bit of a stretch to call it that. Then came the event and overall the matches and talent brought really stepped up their game including a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship between Magnus and Cody Rhodes which was my first NWA match, Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Dark with a hidden Chris Jericho making an appearance, a Joey Janella match between him and Adam Page being fun then seeing Joey Ryan’s well… “druid’s” appearing and I use the term “druids” lightly for a man of Joey Ryan’s caliber if you have seen his matches and a six-man tag main event being fun although brief.
Overall my feelings on All In was not the best PPV of the year but in scope and talent, I call it maybe third or second best. It got beaten by one who may have had it rivaled in scope.

2. NXT

NXT 2018.jpg

NXT stepped up their game in the year of 2018, it goes to show you even in WWE when it did its worse and trust me I’ll get into that one as I will but this promotion continues to deliver the best matches and upping the talent to which I am very intrigue to see what will they do in the year of 2019.
2018 was a major stepping stone for the talents involved, many matches that was considered best of the year of course their TakeOver specials have been magnificent as expected, many great talents like the Velveteen Dream, Andrade “Cien” Almas, Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Undisputed Era all stepped up their game including the new signees like Ricochet who has really getting his groove in NXT, including some of their counterparts like Matt Riddle and Keith Lee.
Also, in addition we have finally seen the debut of the UK’s version of NXT and so far, talents like the Mark and Joe Coffey boys, Flash Morgan Webster, Zack Gibson, and of course the women have their own brand in the UK to compete though the downside is the current rumblings of WWE greed and of course the long rumor of WWE screwing with the indies going into fruition but however as long as they have alternates like IMPACT or Ring of Honor or the incoming rise of New Japan the indie scene will be fine.

1. WWE Evolution

WWE Evolution image.jpg

Well well, who knew one of the PPV’s that was known to be terrible and turned it around and made it one of their best and that is considering the ugly controversy that hang around like a bug. Evolution was to be WWE’s first ever women’s PPV in history that involve women on the card and a lot was riding for the sake of the women getting the same spot in the ranks of WWE as the men. Now the only thing that bugs me that I may have to get into next week’s final column of the year it feels forced and not genuine, but this event really turned heads with approval. The main event was of course Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella for the RAW Women’s Championship that she managed to beat not to mention had people on edge that if Nikki won then yeah not a good look for the “Revolution” now is it?
The Co-main event was Charlotte and Becky Lynch for the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship in a Last Women Standing match. Now if one asks didn’t wee already see one last year on NXT? Yes that is technically the first, this one is the first under the main roster and both women fought in a match for the ages but Becky Lynch reigned supreme, Shayna Baszler regaining the NXT Women’s Title and Toni Storm winning the Mae Young Classic and one major step in the good direction of the women. Now the

Top 9 WORST films of 2018

WORST films of 2018.jpg

Worst films of 2018, you’re here for them so let’s get on with it the bottom of the barrel worst and of course grossing will apply just as the best films list and also be listed in no particular order, let’s do it. Also this was a originally a top 10 list was shot down to 9 fast.

9. Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed poster.jpg

Starting off with the list is something that it’s the epitome of a beaten down dead horse, that was already dead that needed beaten down more. Fifty Shades of Grey getting an Oscar nomination for songs is a fluke and we are glad this movie franchise is over. I don’t think anyone is mincing words that this is done. See ya on the Razzies and it made over $340 million box office wise.

8. Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes.jpg

This movie franchise had a sequel? This first movie was good to a degree, now I barely recall or reading this got a sequel so it’s a bit of a shock. The sequel is focusing on Sherlock Gnomes (how original) on a mystery about a disappearance. Maybe it should’ve been this movie disappeared, but it made bank with $90 million dollars even though it’s not as good as the original, the parody posters of this film was more fun to laugh than this. Honestly Teen Titans Go has a better shot than this movie. Yeah I said it.

7. Slenderman

Slenderman poster.png

Marble Hornets did this so much better and you are going to know why. Sony released the long-awaited Slender-Man movie that was hyped up, the only question: why? The Slender-Man craze ended in 2014 and for some reason Sony the company punching bags took 2016 to announce for a film adaptation and a release this year.
The story of this film is four girls summon the Slender-Man and one of them vanishes and so it’s a mystery on where or what happened to her before the Slender-Man hunts them down. At least Jaz Sinclair is part of Sabrina on Netflix, that’s the only upside. The movie alone feels so bad its actually entertaining, no not the Room but it’s a slog slow fest to the end plus it only made bank past its 10 – 24 million budget with 51.7 million but it’s a moderate success. What else can I make fun out of Sony? stay tuned.

6. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare poster.jpg

Fun fact of this one, Michael Reitz who once upon a time voiced Matt and Takato from Digimon is one of the screenwriters. Boy this feels harsh and I like the guy. Truth or Dare is a film about teenagers play the game “Truth or Dare?” in Mexico only they get in return is consequences if they don’t abide those rules.
Truth or Dare this movie is terrible and dumb like people asking ghost questions here or there, then truth. Or dare, for some reason this movie blows past its original budget of $3.5 million dollars and get $94 million dollars and have Blumhouse to remain a trivia question of the world. You picked both.

5. Venom

Venom poster.png

Thank god you have the Spider-Verse movie to be the highlight out of 2018 for Sony, last year it was the damn Emoji Movie for your greed to being hip for the youth of the world now it’s a movie that was expected to be good becomes subpar and poorly inconsistent, now don’t screw up “Spider-Verse” like you usually do. This film should be higher on the list but a lot of competition out of this year knocked Venom down a peg.
Venom stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock who discovers the symbiote and manifests within to commit crimes, wow a movie that is considered bad makes $852.9 million on the box office. Personally, I saw this movie and I thought it was good but eh some problems like it dragged in certain parts, it looks like we’ll get more of Venom since it’s a box office success we’ll see more of this hopefully improvement is in order to make it better.

4. Cloverfield Paradox

Cloverfield Paradox poster.jpg

Netflix rarely has any stinkers, this not sure if promoting this movie after the Super Bowl was a smart decision or not. To be fair everyone didn’t see this coming and everyone was excited to see a “Cloverfield” movie after “10 Cloverfield Lane”. What was the result?
The Netflix film based off the Cloverfield franchise where scientists accidentally stumble upon a parallel universe that a presence that begins to infest the other astronauts while on the B-plot David Oyelowo is searching for answers for his wife being missing in space.

Boy this movie should’ve been good as there was no Cloverfield monster at all and it is the weakest of the three films, not to mention the writing is very subpar and the editing is sporadic. This movie is Produced by J.J. Abrams fresh off from The Last Jedi, and you still bungle it up? Also, Godzilla is looking very fun to watch right now, can’t wait for Round 2 with Ghidorah, not to mention  no wonder Netflix is so much in debt.

3. Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania 3 poster.jpg

The entire movie itself and whoever likes them, enough said. Stop giving Adam Sandler a reason to be relevant, why does Genndy Tartokovsky keep doing these movies, does Sony still have a hate growing since they canned his Popeye remake? Honestly that would be more pleasing than this film.

2. The Happytime Murders

The Happytime Murders poster.jpg

This movie could’ve been so good, but it ended up flat like The Muppets with Disney. The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy as a cop enlisting of a childhood puppet favorite who is runned out of his luck to investigate a murder spree. Before this movie was released the film alone was caught between the crossfire of a lawsuit from Sesame Workshop who brought up that this would smear their good name, however that good tossed aside and STX added a statement that they loved Sesame Street and honor the legacy of Jim Henson with his son as a director.

The film was a box office bomb only pulling in $27 million only half of their $47 million budget and nobody liked it which is a shame, the movie blew what was a good concept on paper into a different film for the sake to being outrageous for the adult content rating. First Donald Trump cutting public TV funding for a fake wall and now this, I don’t blame Frank Oz complaining on twitter.

1. Gotti

Gotti poster.jpg

I never heard of this film but when I watched this for the first time, I felt very, very, bored. Even for a mobster film, I never watched the Sopranos but I’m pretty sure that was more engaging than this. This movie stars John Travolta as New York Mobster John Gotti and the rise of the Gambino crime family.

This movie was in development hell for years that had numerous actors attached even Al Pacino of all people who was smart enough to back off, John Travolta was unlucky. Also it was originally slated for a limited release last year from Lionsgate but then moved to Movie Pass and the reaction to give this movie was, hate. It was bombarded by critics and the writing sucks, the acting sucks and what this movie is getting for its torubles? A 0% on Rotten Tomatoes after an 80% drop and the movie paraded around on a pike Devilman: Crybaby style. Let’s pray 2019 can be the best year for movies in general.

Next week is the best wrestling moments in 2018 for pro wrestling fans so get ready for the absolute best and prepare yourselves for the absolute worst the following week to close out 2018.

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Top 10 Best Films of 2018

Top 10 Best Films od 2018.jpg

This week is best films of 2018 next week is worst let’s just get into it now and, I’ll be looking in how much money they have made on box office in total from their opening weekends so with that said let’s get to the best films of the year with no particular order.

10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo Star Wars.jpg

Well this is going to kick off this entry. This film is about Han Solo’s earlier adventure of a grand scheme before becoming one of the main cast of the original Star Wars films.
Honestly this film is good but its sort of weak around the edges but a bit predictable not as obvious as Last Jedi, even though people complains night and day on that movie at least it did have some redeeming scenes the other not so much as this one is how Solo, Chewy and Lando but for all its faults I enjoyed it, sucks we may not get the Boba Fett film since it was cancelled to tie in this but eh. The film grossed $392.9 million dollars so it’s a financial success to a degree so a toast to the greatest scruffy looking nerf herder around.

9. Ready Player One

Ready Player One.jpg

This is what Sword Art Online should’ve been except good and no rape scenes of any kind. The film directed by Steven Spielberg sets out in 2045 where the Oculus Rift headsets have improved to escape the desolate world, so its basically what would happen when it becomes reality when gamers complete a game called OASIS before a business owner does.

Now this screams Summer Wars and Sword Art Online but done better at the hands of an experience director like Spielberg. One of the more refreshing films of 2018 and it really shows, one of the good things I like out of this film is the designs of the worlds within the OASIS game as this film garnered over 582.2 million dollars in the box office so not bad for this film and Hardcore Henry to wish I could’ve seen.

8. Halloween (2018)

Halloween 2018.jpg

Michael is back and a welcoming site. Halloween is an apparent clean slate that is a sequel from the original Halloween film released in 1978 and retconning the sequels which is a good move, because no one likes the sequels. The movie sets in 40 years after the events of the original Halloween as Laurie Strode faces her old adversary Michael Myers in a showdown that she was preparing for like she was ready for a zombie outbreak as so is her daughter and granddaughter is thrown in the mix.

What I like about Halloween II is a welcoming abode of the dark nature the retconned sequels failed to live up to, plus it doesn’t help to have John Carpenter the original director gives some creative output. Of course, some of the acting is brought to the table and is well done including Jamie Lee Curtis and some of the cinematography. The movie grossed over $253.1 million dollars worldwide so that is a welcoming site and we are getting a third movie so I want to see what this movie has in store in the future with the original heads involved.

7. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2.jpg

This beat out Teen Titans Go the Movie and boy Ryan Reynolds is going to have an interesting 2019 with Detective Pikachu and mark my words, that movie is going to do so well than the Sonic movie. Anyway Deadpool 2 is about Deadpool and a collection of mutants protecting a child who developed psychic powers.

This is a good improvement from the original movie released two years ago, some say better but I wouldn’t say that its that good, it is the seventh highest grossing R-rated movie to date with $734.2 million dollars and I enjoyed watching this movie for the meta humor since Deadpool is the most self-aware meta character in Marvel and of course I’ll see Deadpool’s Christmas movie c’mon now. Which makes it even weird that Deadpool Pikachu is canon, I’m surprised he hasn’t made a joke about it and if anyone asked, we are getting a Deadpool 3 to which I am very excited to see in 2020.

6. Creed II

Creed II poster.jpg

Who knew Rocky IV was the best thing to happen for this film. Creed II is about the son of Apollo Creed being suited up to fight against Ivan Drago’s pupil in a rematch to avenge his father’s death and Rocky training Apollo Jr for the big fight.

We can all agree that Rocky IV is not the worst of the Rocky films just corny for the sake of corny this one is a bit more fleshed out and improved and it helps to have Sylvester Stallone on the mend and the film is a good one with the tone of Apollo Jr vs. the Pupil of the guy who killed Apollo Sr, and it has grossed over $119 million in the box office so what will the third movie offer for young Creed?

5. Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs.jpg

Welcome back Wes Anderson to the animation scene. After watching Fantastic Mr. Fox years ago, I was expecting something imaginative and fun as the movie and I wasn’t disappointed. The film is about a young boy seeking for his dog who was banished to an island when an outbreak.

Wes Anderson doesn’t do much animated films aside his live action projects but when he does it’s very surreal and entertaining thing to watch as much of his live-action films, now is there any questionable racism towards Japanese people? No if anything this is very misconstrued rather it was the idea on Anderson to have none of the Japanese characters to have subtitles but have a translator which is smart. The film generated $64.2 million dollars domestically and I highly recommend this movie as a fan to his original animated film from Mr. Fox released almost a decade ago. Boy that feels long.

4. BlacKkKlansman


This is the most ballsy film I have ever seen and that is saying something about a Spike Lee movie. The film is about two American Detectives one of them is the first African-American detective investigating to expose the KKK and David Duke as played by Topher Grace, that guy alone sure had an interesting time doing research on that man alone and this movie was produced by Jordan Peele who directed Get Out from last year.

This movie is a historical thriller, of course one of the positives is the acting from Adam Driver and Topher Grace, the plot and the writing. The movie made $88.2 million dollars in the box office and I’m surprised no one complained about this film at all as it was based on a true story and its narrative that the KKK is a bad group, which no duh right? No one should say radical right-wing groups like the KKK or Neo-Nazi’s are normal.

3. Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2.jpg

The Incredibles 2 had a scene that had Screenslaver hypnotizing the public in the movie that would cause epilepsy but unlike the Porygon fiasco Pixar got it fixed before the Blu-Ray releases I assume they did, there with that said who knew I wanted to see the reverse plot of the first film but towards the mother going out to be a hero than the dad.

The plot of the movie is a reverse Incredibles but rather have Mr. Incredible its Elasitigirl’s turn and guess what the heel turn no one saw coming, came.
The movie generated $1.241 billion dollars in total as it was an obvious big hit and I enjoyed it for what its worth, its nice to see something from Brad Bird that lives up to the hype of the original film released in 2004. Boy it makes you think how old one really is compared to the sequel, shame the “Rise of the Underminer” video game is not part of the canon.

2. Mission Impossible: Fallout

MI Fallout.jpg

Welcome back Ethen Hunt, we should call this series done but who knows what Universal has in store. The sixth movie of the “Mission Impossible” franchise brings back the original cast after the events of Rogue Nation to Ethan Hunt tracks down stolen plutonium from a dealer set to poison water supplies from several poor nations.
I was this close to putting this at number one but another contender beat it to the punch, “Fallout” delivers on the same style of excitement “Rogue Nation” brought with its adventure setting, the iconic musical score the acting and the well-paced writing, the film grossed a worldwide total of $791 million dollars at box offices, is it the best film of the series? Honestly a lot of them could hold that title very well, but its hard to see why. A Seventh installment is pretty likely at this point so whatever happens then is going to be very hard to top.

Honorable Mentions:

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse: This is a bit of a recent entry as of this writing but this movie has been highly anticipated and weather or not how anyone feels of this film, it is one of the best films that has been made by Sony Animation and that because the bar has been so far lowered to say because Sony Animation Studios has been the butt of many jokes for Hotel Transylvania and of course last year’s biggest hit the Emoji Movie that should be a good sign, plus an upcoming apparent sequel with the Spider-Gals finally Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen and Silk. I’m hyped so hoping Sony Animation turns a corner after a horrid decade they have had but then again, it’s a small bright spot from a big dirty window and that dirty window is Sony.

Bumblebee: I have no interest to watching the new Bumblebee film after being so disconnected from the previous entries of Michael Bay’s Transformers but apparently this is getting some good reviews as of this writing but like I said about “Into the Spider-Verse” it’s just a small clean spot on a dirty window so have fun with this one, I’m not going to watch.

Game Night: Who knew a night together with friends would turn into a murder mystery that is fun and pulls the strings of who is the murder the right way.

Won’t You Be my Neighbor: a biopic of TV’s greatest personality a life and times story of Mr. Rogers, that’s all it needed to be said.

Teen Titans Go the Movie: Teen Titans Go gets enough hate and a lot of it is true on their TV show the movie I will admit its probably the best thing DC has made which is not saying much outside of Wonder Woman and even though financially it was a small success which is somewhat disappointing but its DVD and Blu-Ray sales told a different story.

1. Black Panther

Black Panther.jpg

Yeah this beat out Avengers: infinite War. The only thing I put this over than the other film is because it didn’t drag to its feet into the main conflict like Avengers: Infinity War that is my big criticism not to mention Thanos becoming one giant meme lord that got me well annoyed. Black Panther is about a young prince to become one of Marvel’s best comic book characters who shows up to fight in Avengers: Infinite War.

This became the highest grossing film of 2018 before being beaten by The Avengers with $1.347 Billion Dollars overall as for Avengers grossing of $2 Billion Dollars domestically, plus with the success of this movie we will see more Wakanda for the foreseeable future and that makes me welcomed when the year 2018 proved to be challenge and a struggle with divisiveness and lying to news organizations, films like Black Panther and some of these entries are a little escapees into something worthwhile to watch.

And that is it for the best films of 2018, next week is the absolute worst films of 2018, boy this will be fun, and it’ll be just as fun as doing the top ten 10 best wrestling moments of the year in two weeks and in three weeks the absolute worst wrestling moments of the year to close 2018. Now THAT will be fun. So, join me next week also comment what was the best movie of 21018 in your opinion.

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10 Worst News Stories of 2018

Worst News Stories of 2018.jpg

2018 has been a struggle and that is being nice. We have seen places that was once considered safe targeted for shootings galore from schools to churches, a small-town mourning from a tragic bus crash, a television show being pulled off due to nighty Ambien and conspiracy theories, the continuous corruption of the White House, celebrity deaths and weather gone amuck yeah it was not the best year there were moments that offered the small best in humanity like protests and sporting events but overall it was a crummy year, so let’s get to the top 10 worst news stories of 2018 in no particular order also keep in mind these are the ten I can only think about what has happened this year.

10. Logan Paul

Starting off this entry was a sudden controversy that gained steam starting off this year was YouTuber Logan Paul. For those unaware of who is this guy, a YouTuber, sometimes a pain in the literal ass for his prank videos that would go far but this one not a prank but was far beyond he could control. Logan Paul on New Year’s Eve in 2017 uploaded a video that was filmed sometimes being an ass like riding on cars, or a literal ass which I don’t find funny but then he went to Aokigahara forest, for those who haven’t heard of this location it is right near the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan and the only reason it became famous is not because of a tourist spot but it is a spot where people would commit suicide. Logan Paul and some of his friends approached and filmed a recently deceased person in the forest then decided to call the authorities, then on the literal next day on the new year it became a controversy saying it was disrespectful and everyone panned him including celebrities including Gaijin Goomba who lived in Japan and taught there was emotionally upset, also that dude makes great videos about cultures within the gaming community and other media so I’ll link down his YouTube channel for you to check out. Seriously that guy makes great content probably better than I could so shout-out to you. Now back to our subject the controversy even got to a point of a Change.org petition was out to suspend him from YouTube.

Now YouTube is not a perfect website, does it have some flaws without a doubt plus it’s become somewhat hard for creators to branch out and succeed with their algorithms and systems or not give newer content creators the spotlight , on January 1st Logan Paul took down the video then wrote an apology on Twitter then he would upload a new video a day later he would describe that as a “coping mechanism” but denied he was mocking the recently deceased victim. On January 9th YouTube took the moment to respond that they will act to prevent this to happen again and Google suspending his channels from Google Preferred. Logan Paul after this controversy took the time to donate some of his money to suicide prevention agencies that would go to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Has he learned his lesson? Honestly, he may have but it’s going to take a longtime for people including you the reader and me to fully understand different cultures in our world and it’s going to be a tough ride until that day comes.

9. Internet challenges

2018 doesn’t find a away to make certain people think we are dumb and having too much free time in our hands, me I just take the time to have a happy life but when I read or one mention of something that is getting popular for dumb reasons that seems to pinch a nerve, nowadays that has ceased and me nowadays go through a certain shrug. For those who aren’t aware what I am talking about I was referring to Internet challenges, honestly, I was going to make a video in my own internet challenge for Fallout New Vegas and the Deathclaw Sanctuary. These challenges are sometimes for fun until they realize its not fun and put a lot of people into harm like for example Planking, Salt and Ice, Fire and the most popular of this year: Tide Pods.

Now Tide Pods are clearly for detergents for fabric washers, now why do people get the idea of eating these things and make a fun challenge over it? It was so popular it was turned into a meme that got Rob Gronkowski involved, of all the memes that got funny at first then became increasingly annoying like of course the “Spaghett” meme or the “Do you know dae way”. This was most dangerous as reports of people consuming them often being immediately hospitalized that had a growing total of 37 cases of pod indigestion in America. Yeah, not so funny now people?

8. Calgary’s failed Olympic bid

Now some of these news stories will have recent entries case in point the failed bid of Calgary hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2026, now to get you up to speed for three years the city of Calgary was riding on the hopes to host an Olympic Games and since it has been several months after PyeongChang it looked like Calgary was hoping to get into the process to finally get that prize but like that South Park scene with the banker, aaaaaaand its gone.

Hindsight what happened was the city of Calgary and their council was starting to become a little bit impatient with the negotiations between the three levels of government they decide to pull out but before Halloween night, a deal was reached to keep the bid alive and it would also put more federal money into the bid. However, this month of November 19th a vote with the majority swaying to no of 56% that immediately put the kibosh in Calgary’s dream of a Winter Olympic games like in 1988. Between their multicultural arena being under development that feels like the price tag eating up the funding and this, wow. Honestly, I think saying no was the right decision, let’s be honest they would probably be in the deep red before then so its good a no vote was decided. Also, a little side not upon research Edmonton is going to set up a bid, but we’ll see if the same problems apply with that bid.

7. Everything at the White House

America, what are you? Who are you? Are you a nation that was really built for immigrants to live in peace and quiet or have you become the country totally obsessed within the Trump ideology that has become out of control. Honestly, I could list off what is wrong with the administration and how inhumane it has become after Barack Obama, so let’s do that shall we?

Remember the entire “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric? Well they kicked the people of the swamp and they moved in as it’s become even more “swamped” then ever, whatever that meant. America has pulled out of many agreements because they say it is “unfair” like for example pulling out of a Nuclear Treaty that says it’s a big mistake, yeah Iran isn’t any better but then again who is going to listen to Obama warning everyone involved right? Because Trump still has a tight on his pants to withdraw on everything that Obama signed like protections on animals that is considered endangered species but please the trophy hunter base of Republicans like his idiot sons Eric and Trump Jr minus Barron because I feel bad for him associating himself with this corrupt family, continuing on is the withdrawal on a 1987 agreement that will prevent both U.S., and Russia with missiles that was signed by Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan a Republican no less, or has people forgot that detail and right as expected people questioned that idea, letting the Environmental Protection Agency run wild on every Obama law to remove to protect our decaying environment rather expand, not to mention pulling out of the UN Rights Council because why? Who knows why. Also ignoring climate change because it’s a barrier that Republicans don’t want to hear, and they are on the notion of Scientists pursue of money rather listening to scientific proof, also tear gassing Mexican immigrants to continue the fear mongering? Did I forget how many times the sitting President visits a golf resort weekly that cost taxpayers money? Yeah and enough said on the United States. If you Americans are tired of the countless corruption and human rights violations then vote Democrat in 2020.

6. Saudi Arabia

2018 Saudi Arabia was under the crossfires of negativity. First up was of course a lot of people who don’t or didn’t know this was Saudi Arabia looking up a female Saudi rights activist Samar Badawi who was recently locked up though this was not the first time of her being arrest. Samar Badawi along with her brother was one of the few people responsible who demanded women’s rights in Saudi Arabia that got to the point of women allowing to drive, the current Liberal government demanded her to be released but the Saudis were very not to keen on being told what to do sort of like that one guy who refuses to do what your told for chores. The Saudis ended all ties with Canada and expelling their minister feeling insulted, not to mention being called a “banana republic” didn’t help either and said look in the mirror with the treatment of indigenous peoples of Canada. The one thing I will say that this country was willing to fix was the Indigenous people of Canada ever since former PM Stephen Harper announced almost a decade ago, so that argument is thrown out the window and at least we are fixing our mistakes, maybe America should fix their growing radical right-wing problem they had for years but naw we can’t our Rep. base is full of racists and bigots who are in denial and fully embrace it.

Also this year that happened in the fall was the one that was gained attention was the murder of a Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside Turkey’s consulate that a lot of notable heads of the government and growing mount of evidence that the hit was organized by the Saudi Prince himself, leaving a PR nightmare for everyone involved that picked up their stuff and said “smell ya later”, although the United States held their firm including WWE. I was going to refer to saving this detail in the wrestling lookback but might as well piece this together here. WWE currently holds a 10-year deal with the Saudis that is worth a lot of money with PPV events the first was the Greatest Royal Rumble, now the only thing controversial was WWE slipping in Sasha Banks that seemed to get on the nerves of the Saudi leaders, and then when this controversy happened WWE said nothing but continued to receive criticism on demands to back out along with everybody including U.S. Democrats and Republicans saying “get out right now” and it even got to the point of John Oliver calling them out with skits that got John Cena and Daniel Bryan to back out, now people are saying why they did this now when they could’ve done this then in April at Greatest Royal Rumble. Maybe WWE put them up against the wall and the money was too good to pass? That’s my best guess because WWE held their firm to stay in Saudi Arabia to change the public view like John Bradshaw Layfield, Randy Orton and Mark Henry then using common sense.

Of course, WWE hid all mentions of Saudi Arabia in promoting like tickets info and TV ads even after the Saudis admitted, but everybody knew where they are but then again Road Dogg thinks all fans have the minds like fish right? Not to mention it was on a week after WWE Evolution a PPV for the women of WWE that was a surprisingly good PPV compared to Crown Jewel that was terrible including the Universal Title match and the “World Cup” which was all for “Murica” and enough said on the finals, plus Donald Trump and his tone-deaf supporters all said they didn’t have all the evidence of who killed Mr. Khashoggi even though it was right there in front of them. Must be nice to lead the country and upset the “liberals” for not using common sense and continuing this dangerous narrative. So yeah everybody has grown sour with Saudi Arabia but the President still holding firm with this deal, hey Trudeau do you feel like backing off with the Saudis too? Oh yeah didn’t Trump shoot down a bill Obama for the 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia or is that still up?

5. California Wildfires

The Fort McMurray wild fires were two years ago, and it devastated the small town and hundreds of acres of forest, then two years later it happened again. Recently this year Greece suffered a dangerous wildfire that killed 83 people, this one was just as bad but a collection of wildfires that the state suffered. The Butte County wildfires started when someone as of this writing hasn’t stepped forward as far as I know who started the fires, but it looks like a gas company that was a likely culprit due to poor pipeline that they reported started to spread sparks that may have started a small fire within the dry grass. The reactions of this fire were shocking and sad, Donald Trump decided to visit California and then proclaim the fires could’ve been prevented if people just “raked up their dry leaves”. Does Trump really care for California? He hates California so much he is ignorant with the facts, then again, his supporters are just as ignorant so who are we fooling?

The fires began to grow and forced many evacuations from every county to avoid the fires, unfortunately for some they were trapped unable to escape and died within the fires. 88 people died in this tragic fire and it destroyed a large collection of homes and forestry within the state some of them famous celebrities, even in Finland when Trump said they rake leaves their President was like: “Um, yeah but we also care for the environment” which Republicans pretend to care but turn around and say “ahh who needs animals, I need my trophy rug”. For those who are still need of assisting in the devastated areas please call the American Red Cross and donate right here (1 202 303-4498) because let’s be honest, Trump doesn’t care but you can make a difference and assist the state.

4. Ontario electing Doug Ford
Okay Ontario let me take you to a chair and allow me to smack you around in electing Doug Ford as premiere leader of the province. For those who don’t know who the Fords are, Doug Ford was Rob’s brother who infamously smoke crack and getting high that became a public nuisance that he would later vacate, then he would pass away in 2016 so his brother took up the mantle to run as part of the Progressive Conservative party of Canada, whom I like to call that group closet Republicans because just because they aren’t the corrupt Republican Party, doesn’t mean they have same ideals as they do.
Anyway, Doug Ford ran against Andrea Horwrath and the New Democratic Party, the Conservatives won 76 seats out of the 124 seats to form a majority government and a lot of the votes were in Southern Ontario rather inside. I think we can all agree the Ford’s hold a bad reputation inside the province but whoever voted for them better hope this doesn’t get out of control because already, the Ford government has already removed gender studies from Ontario schools. Why? Who knows and the shutdown of Hydro1 because something like this would benefit but nah get rid of it, also the Carbon Tax for reducing carbon he seems to have a bug up his rear about it. I hope 2019 doesn’t become some precursor of things to come then again, I believe were not this stupid to fall into this trap the Americans are under.

3. In Memorial

2018 has seen a growing list of sudden deaths some of them famous and some not as famous but had a following like for example celebrities like Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking one of the greatest minds of our generation, R. Lee Emery because wow that man has a heart of gold on his performances weather it’s a military general like Full Metal Jacket or a sheriff from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre yeah that one made by Michael Bay, Barbara and George Bush Sr, say what you will of them including the punching bag sons Jeb, that other guy and George Bush Jr, but they did have a legacy regardless of faults, the biggest shock was Stephen Hillenburg the creator of Spongebob Squarepants who died recently of this writing of ALS and say what you will of the show and its negativity within the past, but I can’t help to say it picked up the mantle from Rugrats, Anthony Bordain was a sudden shock because he was one of those people who love to explore the world and appreciate the countries he visited, Burt Reynolds, John McCain and Douglas Rain who gave the sinister HAL a voice.

In the sporting world it had seen some surprise and sudden passing’s like Ray Emery a former goalie who died tragically from a boating accident, pro wrestlers like Vader, Nikolai Volkoff, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart of the legendary Hart wrestling Family but I would like to throw in another sudden passing that surprised people, he may not have been famous but he had a following of sorts and that person was Ronnie Edwards who was part of the Game Theorists YouTube channel who died of suicide after E3 in the summer, yeah say what you will of the Game Theorists channel and MatPat but they were friends overall so I wish the best of Ronnie’s family and friends. These people may have been famous and some not, but they were also on the level of famous people.

2. Shootings and the tone-deaf results

So, is nothing sacred in life? 2018 has been a trial of this very question we have seen shootings in churches, news networks and of course the sudden shock and surprise was the Stoneman Douglas School shootings. On February 14th a gunman entered the school and begun a gun spree that killed 17 students and injured 15 while the gunman Nicholas Cruz was arrested and taken in to trial and among the trial it was discovered he had a Instagram account of racism, homophobic and anti-sematic posts that was later taken down and explained in court but the key focus is the weapon he did to commit the attack also the assault rifle the one sold to gun owners who are protected by the NRA, you don’t need me to tell them who they are at this point. Now this was very close to take the top spot but this one was a tight between something else and the Channel Awesome controversy but enough said on that front, so this beat out in a margin.

Now the school shooting survivors being led by David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky who wanted better legislation in gun control which is a fair point to bring I’m all for it, however, then came the ugly basket ready to pounce on this also known as your conspiracy theorists and right-wing channels saying it’s a false flag for muh gun right taken away. Yeah those decide to show up which is expected not to mention the harassment of families of those who lost kids to shootings, it’s a lesson we haven’t learn since Sandy Hook huh? Also, I support the families suing these shysters who spread those conspiracies. The NRA hounded down and called out and rather give the reasons of the behavior of kids in trouble like TV, movies, magazines, bullying in school and video games because they are getting tired of being the scape goats of school shootings, watch out children for the golden pipe from Mario Party, or watch out for the infamous poop from “Breathe of the Wild”. After that this arose the “Never Again” initiate to prevent school shootings which led to March for our Lives protests that was held across America and here in Canada, the NRA and Trump gave the tone-deaf results of words rather than action which resulted in November the NRA members in politics lost a large portion of members in seats because good riddance but Florida and Texas decided to say “meh” and keep Ted Cruz and Rick Scott as Senators. Then came the countless shootings in churches, news networks, YouTube and again the same song and dance approached. Maybe someday America will finally put this behind, but it’ll be a LONG time for that to happen.

1. Humboldt Bus Crash

In April of this year a bus carrying a high school hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan called the Humboldt Broncos including their head coach were killed as some survived when a semi-truck collided into the bus. It shocked the country if not the world, the closet example of something similar of a tragedy involving hockey players was that in 2011 where a plane carrying a KHL hockey team called Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed after lifting off killing all passengers on board including a survivor pulled out but died due to his injuries. The person responsible of this incident was a 29-yr old Calgary native Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was charged with 16 counts of dangerous driving that caused death and 13 charges of bodily harm was arrested then was given bail to be paid but now is currently in a lawsuit with the families.

The sporting world took a notice and stopped to mourn and paid tribute like the NHL itself with a moment of silence before the Stanley Cup playoffs, of course Drake sporting a Humboldt Broncos jersey during the Raptors post-season run, tributes came in like fast and donations up to this total of 15 million dollars was given by GoFundMe. Also, people online placed their hockey sticks outside their doors in tribute. Its one of those things that a tragedy something like this can unify a country together and mourn, but also help others in very much need. Months later in September the Humboldt Broncos team came together back into action with a new squad of players for the new season and some of them injured are back in action, even though it was a losing effort for their season opener but leading their division. Some may not play hockey again but for some they may take Sledge Hockey a go.

So that’s it for my look back of the worst news of 2018. Join me next Monday as each week of December we look back the best and worst of 2018 as of this entry was for news, the next two weeks will be dedicated about movies best and worst and of course pro wrestling so stay tuned as I look back at the ten best films of this year.

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Here are the numbers for Suicide Prevention hotline numbers
Canada: 1-833-456-4566
U.S.: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
And in Spanish is: 1-888-628-9454
Worldwide: here is a website to find where you are living and your numbers

The Legacy of the First World War

The Legacy of the 1st World War.jpgToday the world will take a moment to remember where the first world war ended. It was a world war that ushered the modern age, it was also a war that was fought from all over the known world from sea to sea, from land and air, the consequences of this war was massive seven million people would die, great empires from the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire would be shattered beyond repair and a treaty that was meant to prevent another war to happen only was the cause to a mean to bring one of mankind’s disturbing and violent political powers to rise in Europe. Today the legacy of the first world war in some shape or fashion still clings into the world today like a ghost from the past, but like many things we often look back into the ghosts of the past and think we have come a very long way into advancement of technology, medicine, culture and many barriers were broken that then would have a field day and even imagining today. But also, a bit of a cautionary tale of how we should not end up following the same examples of the past, unfortunately some countries are following the examples of past nations who think making things great are on the same par with political oppression, incorrectness and war with the media from their own false information while others are progressing so far better including Canada fixing past mistakes. So, let’s take a moment to talk about what has changed between the 100 years.

One thing that has changed was cultures from different nationalities thriving and living in modern day societies a lot in fact have become successful some of them have become major influences in life like for example, we have had different ethnicities of doctors, nurses we also have some people excelling in sports like in Basketball, Football, Hockey, Tennis. Even in films there has been a great rise in some notable actors and actresses in film, maybe a small jump but it is telling that Hollywood as much as people make fun of for running out of ideas i.e. rebooting their previous projects to mediocre successes or say they are too liberal, that is not the case if anything they are stubborn to change accepting newer incoming actors from different countries but the tide is slowly turning for Hollywood with notable actors and actresses like Kelly Marie Tran or David Kaluuya or the surprising result of how a good director Jordan Peele can be but the tide is indeed turning and mostly for the best.

Rise of the LGBTQ

Now this is one of the things that could have people a century ago would have their heads flip, people who are LGBTQ have made surprising amount of progress in professional lives like we have had LGBTQ in acting, a large amount in science and some part of local governments in politics even while in the same time people who are stubborn refuse to acknowledge them or pretend to care but then turn around and say “I used you and I still hate you” it is amazing some who has made great strides to be politicians like for example Jared Polis from Colorado and Sharice Davids of Kansas as a LGBTQ and former MMA fighter serving for their state congresses. Will we see a LGBTQ President? Don’t kid yourself as long as Republicans voters what ever reason are scared to accept that, they will kill them dead with their predictable anti-LGBTQ rhetoric but the world has gone pro-LGBTQ and its for a good thing and they can’t do anything about it.


Science has flourished between these gaps so far we have found cures for many of diseases that was a plague like the Spanish Flu that lingered at the time, we have traveled to the moon and across the stars with many of our Earth-made technology and the likely plans of journeying to the stars again, technology has advanced very much that the past would only dream of having like the internet is a thing, we have invented drones that could deliver packages or be the biggest pranks imaginable, advancements in transportation with planes, trains and automobiles and even likely robots to disarm bombs, create and hopefully they don’t turn on us Terminator style but you didn’t hear this on me.

Even though that these are the best achievements we have seen so far, there are still current struggles we face even though humanities greatest war is long over, but we will face the stride together and overcome those hurdles of struggles and hate to achieve.

This week I’ll take a short hiatus but in two weeks I’ll begin my retrospective lookback in the year that was 2018 and to kick it off I will lookback the moments that defined the year, from a small town reeling from a tragic bus crash, shootings inside schools and synagogues that questions what is safe anymore, to a YouTube channel’s downfall from years of behind the scenes turmoil coming to light and of course reasons why Americans get a bap rep in countries and continue to do so. Boy this will be fun to lookback.

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Lost Media Files: Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z.jpg

Welcome to the November edition of the Lost Media Files, a monthly column piece of discussing long lost Media weather its video games, film, music, art; whatever. As for this month’s entry it is one of anime’s most popular titles that was one of the few to make a popularity jump in the early nineties that exploded years later, even though it is liked and hated at the same time, you’d be surprised at the missing pieces of lost media connecting to this franchise juggernaut: Dragon Ball Z.

For those who are 90% aware what is Dragon Ball is about I’ll be very brief. A young boy is sent to Earth fleeing the destruction of his homeworld, while at the same time trains to be the strongest fighter in the world making some friends, most likely frenemies a.k.a, Vegeta the man hothead and his equal as a rival, Piccolo a Namekian who was once a foe now friend, Krillin the Michael Bean of the series who holds the world record of getting owned as for dying a lot and Goku’s oldest friend, Yamcha as…. Yamcha, Gohan his son who would share responsibility more fitting than his father and his grandson Goten and Trunks who will have a very interesting future.

I think we can all agree that even though this show has been running for so long and gets resounding criticism towards from either writing, character focus on Goku to being the conquering hero than someone else or wanting to be in a fight because he is bored you can’t deny that for a groundbreaking show like Dragon Ball it has come along way to being a successful franchises so much that it has so many titles of video games and a very entertaining Abridge series, plus Goku being featured on the upcoming Jump Force title is also some neat no one saw coming. But for a reputation as Dragon Ball this franchise has a bit of lost media connecting them, of course a large percentage is mostly for its dubbing through out the years so let me take this a bit of an AniMat style animation lookback about the dubs for Dragon Ball.

First is the lost original broadcasting audio of the series. Toei the main company that produces every series known to man would wipe their audio master which is sort of like a master recording of shows after a live broadcast for a TV series or news, but when they first found out Dragon Ball as a franchise gaining steam in the 2000’s they had the thought of “oh crap, why did we erase our original stuff?” Then again, they were skeptic when production companies were starting to retain some of their original recording when home media was becoming into play and it would evolve into our Blu-Ray’s and DVDs. Now today we have a full original audio recording of Dragon Ball Z, the original Dragon Ball is lost only partially. As of 2017 last year, it seems some interest has been gained to locate the original dub audios as an anonymous user on the site nyaa.si uploaded some original episodes but the first part and some of the finale episodes even though the collection of the original episodes is lost it’s a step into the right direction of locating the rest.

In America before Funimation held the rights today, numerous dubbing studios held some rights like Ocean Studios in Vancouver but before them and their hilariously bad dubbing, Harmony Gold held the rights. Harmony Gold does have some successes like Robotech some time before acquiring the rights in 1989 so they got to work on their dub adaptation. Plus, I am going to be very brief because it is such a giant thing to look upon yourself so in hindsight two separate dub adaptations from Harmony Gold was made, the first was a merge of the first and third series though that left a giant plot-hole skipping the other series you know the future Cell arc? Also, in addition they had some interesting dub changes to the characters we know today like Goku is Zero or Bulma is Lena so here is a brief list of these dub names:

• Son Goku -> Zero
• Bulma -> Lena
• Oolong -> Mao Mao
• Pu’ar -> Squeaker
• Yamcha -> Zedaki
• Lunch -> Marilynn
• Kuririn -> Bongo
• Tenshinhan -> Shinto
• Korin -> Whiskers the Wonder Cat
• Turtle Hermit (Kamesennin/Muten Roshi) -> Master Roshi
• Crane Hermit (Tsurusennin) -> Lord Wu Zu
• Tao Pai Pai -> General Tao Pei
• Sergeant Metallic -> Major Fist
• Bora -> Haymaker
• Upa -> Littlefoot
• Pansy -> Penny
• Pasta -> Aldevia
• Bongo -> Major Domo

Plus, they had some interesting casting choices like Barbara Goodsen was Goku (remember her as that villain from Power Rangers?), Wendee Lee, Robert Axelrod and of course Bob Papenbrook, the father of Bryce Papenbrook who today is best known for Kirito and Aren, I won’t even say which show it is about. The other dub in production was about the first five episodes that aired for TV stations in Detroit however got pulled because of Bulma bathing seemed to be a breaking point. I have seen worst reasons for a show getting pulled off the air, even to the point that didn’t require using Ambien and tweets. Unfortunately, these airings haven’t seen the light of day since 1990 and resulted in them being obscure and lost. However, they were claims of them saved and uploaded on to YouTube later then again Toei remains a pain in the ass for users who want to promote and discuss Dragon Ball, just like another one who has a growing pain of sorts with fair use for a certain other franchise. Thanks, ShoPro.

In 2006 a South Asian English dub began airing Dragon Ball with a whole new voice cast rather the current English cast from Funimation as it was produced in Hong Kong, Andrea Kahn was Goku, David Bridges as Roshi and Scott Evans as Yamcha. The only evidence of this English dub however that has seen the light was a demo reel released by voice actor Russell Wait, other than that no other information has been seen and to close it off Nintendo during a Mexican Nintendo Power magazine in 1996 that announced Dragon Ball for the Super Nintendo. However, that was difficult for two things: one Nintendo was about to release the Nintendo 64 and secondly no other added information about this game was released, likely reason it was canceled before it saw the light which is reasonable. It is amazing that a series as beloved and hated, lasted this long and still does go on with Super. Oh yeah another thing I forgot to mention, Dragon Ball has a Abridged Series made by the fellows of Team FourStar who previously worked on their first English dub series outside of DBZ, plus I have seen people say it’s the definitive dub but that is a bit unfair, even guys like MasakoX, Lanipator, KaiserNeko and Takahata101 agree with the sentiment of “we may be good, but don’t compare us to the English dub”.

That ends the Lost Media Files for this month, it will have a legit hiatus for December to focus on my year end review of 2018 in wrestling and in films, but it will return for the new year of course in January and the subject of our focus will be about a stage play that caught on from a certain franchise and would actually trend send some notable acting careers into the mainstream public. Here we go again.

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Top 10 Underrated Halloween Specials


Top 10 Underrated Halloween specials

Welcome to the finale of my “Scare Your Pants Off” for this month, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be I’ll admit on a outside project I’m doing for my YouTube channel, maybe next year will be a bit better. Anyway, to end it off I will rank off the ten underrated Halloween specials. These are the specials that never gets the attention it deserves unlike the traditional Halloween specials like “Charlie Brown” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so here we go with the list.

10. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985)

Kicking this entry off is everybody’s favorite related tabby cat who hates Monday’s and enjoys Lasagna with no complaints.

In this Halloween special released in 1985, Garfield convinces Odie to go trick R’ treating together but he has to share his candy with other cats, so they set out on this trek as later on in the special they arrive at the son of a boat house owner who tells them pirates left buried treasure within the area and has been lonely. At first Garfield offers to invite the old man to trick r’ treat with them however he is not seen again.

Overall this special is a timeless one, however this is aired less in favor of Charlie Brown’s Halloween special “The Great Pumpkin”, however in recent years it has been slowly getting some notable attention again so its good to know that at least this special is getting some viewers as much as the notable ones.

9. Paranorman (2012)
Laika the animation studio behind “Coraline”, “The Box Trolls” and “Kubo” released an animated film called “Paranorman” in 2012 that is one of their best original films that is severely underrated.

The movie follows a boy named “Norman” who can see every paranormal ghost because he was born with it, however everyone sort of treats him like a social outcast because of those reasons. Norman approaches his uncle voiced by John Goodman tells him something sinister is going on behind the scenes who eventually kicks the bucket, later that night several zombies rise from the graves and begin following Norman and his crew of friends so its up to him to save a small Massachusetts town from the horde.
The movie was based off Chris Butler one of the directors and writer of the film who decided to make the plot a social commentary of the film for children growing up to face certain challenges to rise above growing up in life which is a neat story concept while the movie was the first to utilize 3D printers for replacement animation and it grossed over $107 million dollars officially today, so check it out this Halloween.

8. The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (1979)

Before Judd Hirsch was best known as the dad of Jeff Goldblum in “Independence Day” yes that’s how I’ll always remember that guy, he starred in a very obscure Disney Channel original TV special called “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”.
The TV special was about Dracula who hears Halloween is being cancelled due to a news report blaming him, which makes no sense even he calls out that its his holiday so he calls some of his horde of friends which includes the Mummy, the Werewolf, Frankenstein you name it to do something about it and try to make it scary again.
I found this out online on YouTube because this special hasn’t seen a home media release since the 1990’s on VHS or Blu-Ray release which made it a bit obscure, however watching this for the first time was hilarious and scary for its time so check it out here.

7. Witch’s Night Out (1978)

Before Dan Ackroyd hit it big with Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live and Blues Brothers he starred in this animated TV special along with Catherine O’Hara they both starred in a Canadian made animated Halloween special called “Witch’s Night Out”.
The special is about children summoning a witch who is depressed who hear the kids can’t scare anyone on Halloween so the witch turns the kids into their Halloween costumes as one becomes a ghost, a werewolf and their sitter (because their parents are responsible ducking boneheads) into Frankenstein but the townspeople don’t like monsters running around their town so they rally to try and chase them away.
At first when watching this special I didn’t expect much but I found it entertaining and this one was successful it was re-aired several times in the 80’s and 90’s, as of now it was remastered to air as recent as 2016 on Hulu plus it has a stage version of the show made in 2015.

6. Mad Monster Party? (1967)

Rankin-Bass were not only made for Christmas specials or Easter if you’re really pushing it, but “Mad Monster Party?” I never saw before and having seen it before writing, how did I not see this earlier?

The special begins with Baron Boris Von Frankenstein voiced by Boris Karloff prepares to announce his retirement after discovering an important formula and invites every monster from the world to a party and celebrate, however guess what? It doesn’t go well as you would expect.

Here are some interesting trivia about this Halloween special and its prequel series that was released: even though he was not involved Osamu Tezuka you know the guy who made Astro Boy, yes that anime series offered his animation studio to help assist the animation that was under supervision by Steve Nakagawa who at the time was working for Hanna-Barbera studios. Now for the “Mad Monster Party?” The original film’s was damaged by water years ago, but Sony revealed a 35mm film version and remastered to DVD and then Blu-Ray so not bad of trivia.

5. Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

This movie is a classic. For those who don’t know Ernest P. Worrell is a character created from the Carden & Cherry Advertisement Agency for many television ads in local Nashville as portrayed by the late comedian Jim Varney.

In “Ernest Scared Stupid” Ernest unleashes an evil troll from that was banished over 200 years ago in a Oak tree while making a tree house for the neighborhood kids, later in the film the troll would turn kids into small wooden life-like dolls that I’ll admit watching as a kid was scary. So, it’s up to Ernest to save the children and revolt against the trolls.
The film was a financial hit in theatres grossing over 14 million dollars however it was the last under Disney with a deal with Touchstone Pictures as the rest of the films after were independent. However even though this movie had some negative reception it did grew a cult following before Halloween, so it’s considered a classic.

4. The Halloween Tree (1993)

This 1993 film has a bit of interesting history, of course it is based of the same novel written by Ray Bradbury in 1972 and it follows the plot of the film when kids must rescue their friend being spirited away into another realm of existence but also learn the myth of Halloween.

It was well received by critics and praised after its airing in October 2, 1993 and even by the author himself who said “One of the finest productions of my work I have ever seen” so neat praise by the writer and he also starred as the narrator as Leonard Nimoy voiced the character Mr. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud and that is literally his name. Plus, it won an Emmy Award for outstanding writing and it is getting a cult following even after its release, let’s hope Hollywood doesn’t turn this into a film.

3. Halloween is Grinch Night

Let’s be honest if it wasn’t for the “Grinch is gonna get ya” song this wouldn’t be up here.
“Halloween is Grinch Night” is a prequel to “The Grinch Who stole Christmas” because he is still an ass in this movie before he turns face. When it becomes Halloween, the wind blows to awake the Grinch to scare the Whos. As it turns out one little Who goes to investigate the Grinch and tries to stall him before Halloween night passes. The previously mentioned Boris Karloff is the voice of the Grinch and the narrator and it is probably the lesser known special that never gets any attention, however interestingly enough Dr. Seuss stated that this is his best film to work on than the Christmas one. Oh yeah, the Grinch Grinch’d the final Smash Bros roster. Marvelous…

2. Vincent Price’s Once Upon a Midnight Scary (1979)

Of course, Vincent Price because its just not the same without the man who personifies horror.

Vincent Price narrates three short stories one called “the Ghost Belonged to Me” is based off the novel from Richard Peck about a boy hiding a secret, which is a ghost girl and become friends even though they are different beings. Another one is “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. C’mon do I even need to bring it up if we have watched the Disney version? And lastly is “The House with a Clock in its Walls” and I saw the Jack Black version, I’ll talk about way later. An Orphan boy is sent to live with his uncle in house that is also a doomsday device that needs to be shut down. Which begs the question why was it in the home anyway?

Even though this TV special is obscure and never aired since 1979, it holds up well even the performances are a bit campy that it can be enjoyed by today’s standard for a laugh and curious intrigued.

1. Over the Garden Wall (2014)

This 10-episode miniseries produced by Cartoon Network and aired in 2014 is one of those examples of dark fantasy and good storytelling.
Two brothers one of them voiced by Elijah Wood becomes lost in the forest called the Unknown and upon finding their way a Woodsman voiced by Christopher Lloyd offers their help and undo a curse but also something sinister decides to follow the boys as they trek on the forests.

“Over the Garden Wall” was created by Flapjack creator Patrick McHale pitched the show to Cartoon Network executives in 2006 under a different title called “Tomb of the Unknown” but some original ideas of the pitch story idea came into the final product under some differences. After its premiere in 2014 “Over the Garden Wall” was praised by its voice acting, animation style and story telling, and it won the Primetime Emmy Award in 2015 also it has a comic book adaptation of the same name. Not bad for adventure with old school folklore.

And that is all concludes for this edition of the “Scare Your Pants Off” month for this year, it’ll be back next year for sure and it’ll be under better scheduling also though I may have to make a rain check, as for next week on Halloween week I will have a few videos setup to be uploaded then so stay tuned and stay subscribed also to kick off the new month in November is the Lost Media Files.

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Top 10 Video Game Creepypastas


Last year was the ten best Creepypastas that didn’t include video games, this one is going to be different to involve Video Games and to make this fair no Pokemon Creepypastas whatsoever will be on this list, I will save it for next year. Assuming I can handle this crazy schedule of YouTube and WordPress, it’s been a pain to maintain both at the same time, so I’ll go on my own pace. Honourable mentions includes: NES GodzillaSonic.EXE, Tails Doll and Who are You Running From? Anyway, here we go with this entry.

10. Fallout 3: Number Station


Can’t get enough of Fallout huh? Neither can I with the impending release of “Fallout 76” and it looks impressive and interesting with a Multiplayer concept, it just looks fun to play with friends anyway Fallout alone is familiar with creepy and unsettling moments like the reveal of the Master from the original or Fallout 4 with a Vault where kids were forced upon to live on their own but this one pails in comparison. Now Fallout 3 was released a decade ago and it holds up well maybe its campaign is a bit fast to get into but hey at least New Vegas filled the void.

Now onward to the Creepypasta story called: “Fallout 3 Number Station”. Now the story here is about good ole Three Dog who is the radio announcer for Galaxy News Radio in the Capital Wasteland and a likely option if you get tired of him and his antics being a troll you can do the option and kill him and skip the mission “Galaxy News Radio” and then later you can destroy Raven’s Rock which is the home base of the Enclave and GNR becomes a Number Station and a new announcer is Margaret and a very somber Three Dog announcing number stations codes and predicting the future some of them felt very dead on like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the sudden death of Gary Coleman and some feel a bit absurd like Brittany Spears winning an Oscar or the Queen dies in 2014. None of those things of happened, but it makes you think on some of the coded dates.

9. Luna Game

Luna Game.png

My Little Pony pastas and the one is usually at the top is Luna Game, on April of 2011 a game was uploaded to Equestria Daily then it was taken down very quickly. Now why was this suddenly taken down as fast it was? Well here is some of the rundown you play as a young Princess Luna from “Friendship is Magic” yeah, I still hold on that remark to when I said that show has more development than the Transformers movies and I like Transformers. During the game for a small second you get the sudden jump scare like a young Applebloom or a deformed Pinkie Pie plus for whatever reason you are given screenshots of Applebloom into your files. Maybe a virus I have no clue how that happens, but it is creepy. Also no one knows who made these games, but whoever made them has a twisted side, but I will praise them for it also. That just makes it scarier.

8. Herobrine


Let’s be real this feels like a character that was intended for the reason of talking about Minecraft, but then again could he be real? Herobrine is the story about he is the dead brother of Minecraft creator Notch who later debunked that he is not in the game. Its bad enough Minecraft is scary on its own right with Creepers, Zombie, Witches and the inclusions of those Manta Ray buggers but then again, I always have that feeling being watched like someone out there always on the watch and it’s not the animals on my server either or that one guy who always steals my diamonds, isn’t that right Jack?! But it keeps us guessing and wanting to find out even the creators had some fun with one of the patch notes “removed Herobrine”. Who knows, maybe he is real.

7. Mr. Mix

Mr. Mix.jpg

Mr. Mix is a story about a group of hackers about to play a game they haven’t played since the days of Mario’s typing games, they play each little level and after an another they hear disturbing music each time they progress through a level as the music gets more screeching and louder, another thing was the design of Mr. Mix who looks disturbing itself with a chef who looks like something from a Stephen King novel. Most kids who have played this game get nightmares and see this figure in their dreams.
As the hackers continue playing they reach the infamous sixth level, unfortunately upon after reaching this point the hackers are never heard from again after being traumatized and paranoid to the point of disappearing. However, one was able to reach the local authorities and discuss the game and what they did. Some time later a man was arrested after abducting a young girl and was wearing a chef’s hat and chef overalls and was one of the missing hackers from this game. All he could say was “I am Mr. Mix. Shhh!”

6. Ben Drowned

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Controversial entry because this game has been in the number 1 slots in many lists, but I will put it here because something more impressive bumped it down a notch, but just because it was bumped down doesn’t mean its effective. Ben Drowned is a story about a man who discovers a cartridge of “Majora’s Mask” from an old man who gives him an added detail about a boy drowning after receiving this copy so he decides to play after a nostalgic rush but as he plays something feels off, so he decides to record a series of playthroughs and upload it to YouTube.

In his playthrough most of the characters in game have disappeared, or the quote “You shouldn’t have don that” being thrown around after meeting the in-game troll, the happy mask salesman. In another playthrough Link would automatically appear to confront Majora but then playing the song of storms Link dies or spontaneously combusts after the final note. I won’t spoil anymore because this is a well written pasta so go check it of you must and then watch the videos on YouTube.

5. The Scariest Video Game Ever

This one I like because the description of this story is a bit unknown. A gamer details the story after a playing game and its unlike anything he ever played before, and its vague on the details. The description he details there is very little backstory, but it takes place in a mental hospital or this what he assumed it was. The walls are then turned into a deathly blue and your character is a cannibal who eats and eats as the player is chased by four ghost-like characters until a point you can and devour them. What is this game?

Well with the description you probably pieced the pieces together and at first, I thought it was a troll story, I didn’t really expect that much considering what this was about but when really settled in I’ll give it some points on the mystery until the end so props to the writer on this story plus it is interested

4. Killswitch

Now this game is different from the other Creepypastas because you can’t reproduce it or play it, but it just makes it even more scary. In 1989 Killswitch is a game created by a European company called Karvina Corporation the plot is about an adventurer venturing an abandoned mine as its also infested with undead hordes of zombies. Now the thing here about the game because after completion it automatically deletes itself, which is a bit odd and I doubt a computer with this program could do that, plus you have the option to play either a woman or a dragon. I would play the dragon because they were always awesome.

Now what makes it scary? Because it never existed. Okay that swerve is a bit sudden, but it is one of the classic Creepypastas that was prominent that, and it is well written from an experienced writer so go read it yourself or watch Mutahar’s video about it on YouTube.

3. The Theatre

This game is another one like Killswitch but it is another classic example of the obscure. The Theatre is the story of a game released along the same time as the Doom series so somewhere in 1995 and today you can find bootleg hacks of the game, the original game is where you play someone is about to watch a movie and upon purchasing a ticket an usher will greet you to “please enjoy the movie” but something strange happens after.

When you meet the usher again you see that his face becomes a bit distorted and upon watching another movie the ticket taker warns you to never go down to the lower levels, so you do like most naïve people and after approaching it you’ll see a large sprit and the game crashes. A bit of a sudden turn but it is a good written pasta and it even has a sequel story and an in-game adaptation, I’m surprised it hasn’t got a Steam release also famously Markiplier has played not too long ago.

2. Mario


This creepypasta tale is a ROM hack from the SMW central site where a player downloads into his computer and then discovers a very grim tale. He plays the game and upon into playing he notices something odd, for one thing Mario sees no enemies around but keeps seeing those little message boxes that calls out Mario like “Looks like that Mario is at it again”, a bunch of ones and zeroes, “I hate You” or “this is the selfish way out”.

After defeating Iggy, the first boss and demolishing his castle which is like kicking someone who is down, then gets a very sudden message:
“Victim #1: Eyeballs were unable to be found. The victim was found lying on the carpet. Cause of death: unknown. Hand marks with unidentifiable fingerprints were found all over the corpse”.

From what I found this Creepypasta is based on a theory of Mario’s growing insanity that Mario would die and descent into hell. Also, after the player decides to scan the broken codes into this image. All I can say is: that ain’t right. Now to number 1.

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1. Polybius


Now this is based on events that happened in 1981 in Portland, Oregon. An Arcade title called Polybius was released. Seems harmless right? Not so, apparently later most players would break into crying fits, sudden fits of anger and suicides after playing then others would be anti-gaming activists but also after-hours men in black suits would collect data on the game and them the arcade title would disappear without a trace.

Now if I can be serious this story I think(?) is based of MK Ultra which was a top secret government experiment for mind control reasons from the CIA that eventually cancelled but then again its just a guess I want to say to lean on true but I rather not find out, also Polybius has been surfacing around pop culture like that one episode of The Simpsons, or The Goldberg’s from ABC not starring Bill Goldberg that would be more interesting and Bravest Warriors that suddenly randomly showed up recently on TeleToon. Confession time I never saw an episode of Bravest Warriors when it was on Frederator, soooo oops. Plus, it was featured on Game Theory and last year a Halloween episode of Angry Video Game Nerd to which I really liked, and it is getting its own movie by Stuart Ashen in 2019. Regardless of an urban legend or not this unknown game title is the number 1 Creepypasta.

That’s it for the Top 10 Creepypastas about video games. Sort of quick but I wanted to be on the level and catch up for what will be the final entry on this month’s Scare Your Pants Off edition for this Friday considering it was bit of a mess out of my control, so apologies so join me when we conclude with the top 10 underrated animated Halloween specials and join me next Monday on my YouTube channel for a special let’s play of a video game that was released a decade ago but holds up well also just as Fallout 3. Stay tuned.

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